OSD – Naming a new computer during PXE Boot

One of the most common questions asked when deploying a new computer with ConfigMgr is

How do I give the computer a name during OSD Deployment?

The answer is surprisingly simple…

  • Open the ConfigMgr Console and go to Device Collections.

    Device Collections View


  • Right click on the “All Unknown Computers” Collection and click the “Collection Variables” tab. Click on the “New” button (the one that looks like a star!) to open the “<New> Variable” dialog
  • Under “Name” enter: OSDComputerName
  • Don’t assign any values and clear the “Do Not Display this value in the Configuration Manager console” toggle box

    Add a new Collection Variable Dialog

  • Click OK to save and close the dialog
  • Your new variable will now be shown in the list and ready for use when you next boot up a new computer that is not know to ConfigMgr (by that I mean its not listed under “Devices”…)

    Collection Properties – Collection Variables

If you DON’T see this then it may be worth checking that you have setup your PXE-Enabled Distribution Point to Enable Unknown Computer Support


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