Updating Windows Admin Center reset SSL Certificate Thumbprint

I recently updated Windows Admin Center using ConfigMgr ( post here)


However, If, like me, you use a CA-Issues SSL Certificate, then be aware that the update process resets the thumbprint back to a self-signed cert for the server.

In my case, I had a wildcard cert for *.gattancha.co.uk, but after the update, an invalid SSL error was presented in Chrome, and the expected certificate was for “servername.mydomain.lan”

Quick fix is to re-enter your thumbrpint by going to Programs and Features, finding “Windows Admin Center” and clicking Change, then follow the “Change” wizard and replace the thumbprint

Restart the “Windows Admin Center” and refresh the web browser and the certificate will be trusted again.

Another option I am looking at is to script the change, possibly with the advise from this post


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