ConfigMgr – 2403 Upgrade Released

By | 23rd April 2024

Microsoft have now released the 2403 upgrade for ConfigMgr into Early Access

With this update there are a number of changes and improvements which can all be found here

Two things to note before you install it though

HTTPS or Enhanced HTTP should be enabled for client communication from this version of Configuration Manager

Firstly, make sure your Management Point is running in HTTPS or EHTTP mode – this is due to HTTP only is now deprecated. This is something I myself will need to look into as I’m running my site with an HTTP Management Point having had historical failures of said MP when it was running under HTTPS. I am hoping that they have at least sorted these out.

thumbnail image 4 of blog post titled 

							Update 2403 for Microsoft Configuration Manager current branch is now available.

Resource access profiles and deployments will block Configuration manager upgrade

The second thing to watch out for is if you are using Co-Management. The notes state that if you have the “Resource Access Policies” slider set to “Pilot” then this will block the upgrade. The Resource Access Policies deal with VPN, Wi-Fi and Certificate profiles to name a few which are also no longer part of ConfigMgr.

I would imagine that most people will just need to change this to “Intune” and let Intune manage these. But, as always, double check your environment first.

I’ll do a more detailed guide on the upgrade in a separate post


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