Intune Migration – Installing Office 365

By | 21st April 2024

The migration of End-User devices away from ConfigMgr and into Intune has begun

The rebuilding of apps was fairly painless after I found the Win32 Content Prep Tool over on GitHub. This handy tool makes it easy to convert anything from an EXE or MSI or even a PowerShell or Command Shell script into a .intunewin file that can be imported into Intune as a Win32 App

Then came Office 365, which has caused some… interesting results shall we say..
The most interesting, or rather “annoying” result was that whilst it would deploy fine, it would randomly just uninstall itself from the device, then shortly afterwards, it would install again, then uninstall, and so on

After a bit of research, I found a few folks mention that this was due to the “Remove other versions” option being set to yes – it would appear that each time Intune did a scan, it detected Office was installed, then remove it and re-install it again!!

Sounds to me like, if that is the case, then there is an issue on the back end that is not doing its detection methods correctly as I’ve seen this behaviour before in ConfigMgr – specifically if your detection script is checking the version, and you don’t have it set to “Greater than or equal to” – ConfigMgr would put the app into a reinstall loop each time a newer version was installed.

Changing the option to “No” in Intune appears, for now, to have resolved that issue


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