Intune – Time to migrate?

By | 18th April 2024

I’ve been putting off the use of Intune for managing Windows clients for far too long, and I think it’s time to start taking a more serious approach to moving away from ConfigMgr and into Intune

What’s been putting me off is, partly, a lack of the understanding of how it works but also just plain reluctance to move to it – after all, why move to something else when your current solution “just works”

And ConfigMgr – does “just work” – I can build a new Server or Desktop client with the click of a button or two, it takes no time at all to push out a new application, or the latest updates

When I look at Intune, there are still aspects of it that feel like regressing back in time to when we had to spin up a reference PC, install everything, and tweak and customise it all, before using something like Ghost or RIS to then capture that image.

AutoPilot is a prime example of this – no more task sequences like you get with MDT or ConfigMgr to configure settings that persist across all users accounts – From my testing, this just doesn’t happen with AutoPilot..

So I think AutoPilot will be a way off yet, and for now, I’ll start with looking at migrating things like Windows Updates and App Deployments first.


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