OSD – Installing Updates to new Machines

Here I’ll walk you through how I use the “Install Software Updates” step in your Task Sequences to allow you to install Software Updates during an OSD deployment of a new machine.

If a machine is already in ConfigMgr, then the step will use the SUG’s already deployed to any collection the machine is already a member of as normal.

To do this, you first need to create a Software Update Group (SUG) that contains all the updates you want to deploy.

I called my “SUG – OSD Updates” and will contain ALL my updates for Server 2016, Windows 10 and any applications

To create the actual SUG I had to open an existing one, select an update and then “Create Software Update Group”.

Then, its a case of going through all your SUGs, opening them up and editing the memberships to include those updates in the new SUG as well as their current one.

Once done, deploy it to the “All Unknown Computers” group as required.

Now, in your TS, create a new group – such as “Software Updates”… near the end of the task sequence so that everything has been installed and configured

Add 2 new steps

Run Command Line – We need this to then do a Software Update scan so add the following command to this step:

Install Software Updates – Now we actually install the updates..

There are 2 options available – Required and Available – these correspond to the deployment type you chose before, so since I used “Required, I will chose that here too.

And that’s all there is to it!  Now, when you next image a machine, the software updates in the SUG you deployed will be installed

Just be warned that this will significantly increase your deployment times.


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